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Located in Nishijin, Kyoto, JURAKU RO is a complex which holds apartment building and hotel. We considered how this architecture contributes to locals and creates new Kyoto’s landscape.

Café and hotel are located on the ground floor beside piloti and grass parking lots, where many and unspecified persons can be accommodated. It provides multi-functional open space for residents and locals to organize local activities.

We created a unique structure with full of Kyoto’s traditional house element by piling Doma, an intermediate space between indoor and outdoor, and inner garden on top of one another,

Each flat is composed of three rooms -Doma, Main room and a bathroom. Usually rental apartment is furnished, we deliberately minimize the interior decoration so that resident can customize their own furniture depending on their lifestyle. This concept enables residents to discover their unique lifestyle more and encourage the closer connection with locals and local culture.

Furnitures for café on ground floor are made from general materials, such as rectangular timber and plywood, and easy to assemble. Stools and tables are stackable so that limited space can be used efficiently depending on the situation.

In hotel on the ground floor, build-in table and chair are made from same oak as wall and they pop out from the wall.
KIRI; original furniture by pivoto have been located at customized residential flat. It pops out well in the simple, industrial room.
By rising floor level, storage is designed without decreasing the total floor area.
Residents also customized the table which fit in the room well and perfect for their lifestyle.


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